Fera Jewellery Tribal Inspiration
FERA Jewellery Tribal INSPIRATION Symbolism HANDMADE

ANIMII pays homage to the Tuareg, a nomadic desert tribe who wander the Sahara, whose beautiful and distinctive jewellery was discovered on travels through Morocco whilst hunting in the local bazaar for treasures.

Often called ‘the blue people” because their traditional robes once stained their skin blue, the Tuareg revere jewellery within their culture for its protective powers against evil spirits that reside in their desert landscape. For them silver is the metal of the prophet and metalsmiths are like Gods

The ANIMII collection is inscribed with symbols from the ancient and beautiful Amazigh alphabet and set with black sapphires. Cow bone is hand carved into unique gemstones, creating a beautiful and sustainable treasure from something that would usually be discarded. Sustainability is in keeping with the FERA ethos of preserving the planet however best we can