Location : Bali

On my global wanderings there are certain places that always feel like home. And there's just something about Bali, that thaaaaaang that just keeps drawing me back. I never get bored of cruising through the rice fields, past beautiful temples and lush jungle. Or sipping on kelapa muda watching an amazing sunset with incense in the air. 

I feel so grateful here for little things like the view of the sacred volcano on my 7am run, beautiful tropical flowers growing everywhere and cows grazing by the roadside.

In Bali time just seems to melt, no need for watches or worries.... and the balinese people are some of the friendliest... full of smiles and spirituality. Each day they make offerings to the gods of flowers, food and incense in handmade palm leaf boxes, there's just so much beauty and I feel so much more connected. 

Check out this video of Canggu from the babes over at Gu Guide for a little look at where I am currently living and vibing off....