Fairtrade Gold and Eco Silver.... Ethical Jewellery for a Fair Future

Thrilled to announce that Fera Jewellery is now registered as a FairTrade Goldsmith! The FairTrade scheme encourages consumers to think about where their precious materials are sourced and provides a fairer and more secure future for miners and their communities who are often subject to exploitation within the Industry.

As a brand it is so important to us that our jewellery makes the least impact possible on this beautiful earth. The Moro Spike Ring and Moro Double Spike Ring are the two designs sold exclusively in FairTrade Gold. Other designs also available on request.

All designs in our silver collection are made from recycled silver, or eco silver as it is otherwise known. To read more about the FairTrade Gold Scheme visit their website where you can also find registered FairTrade Goldsmiths by location