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: : We love creating one off and customised jewellery designs for our lovely customers. Before scheduling a phone appointment to discuss your bespoke creation, please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW. Understanding your needs and inspiration is what sets as apart. Please scroll down if you would like to see some bespoke jewellery pieces that customers have created with us. Looking forward to hearing about your unique piece : :

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This unique and unusual engagement ring was hand carved and made in 18ct yellow gold. Inspired by the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol present in many cultures which symbolises eternity and the everlasting. Our customer wanted a bespoke engagement ring, had eclectic tastes in jewellery and was very fond of antiques. We took inspiration from the Victorian Era when serpent rings were highly fashionable. Set with a unique coloured diamond


A very chunky bespoke mens ring hand carved in white gold for a gentleman who wanted an eye catching statement ring. We left the file marks in the finished piece and added a matte finish. We later set gemstones into the different facets which were set off beautifully against the texture


A birthday gift from a group of friends to one triangle loving lady. This client loves chunky statement jewellery so we made this large open triangle on thick chain. An absolute joy to work with our favourite shape; the triangle is a symbol of femininity

This platinum and 18ct Rose Gold handmade engagement ring was set with a stunning 2 carat Natural Grey Salt and Pepper Diamond; a truly  unique diamond. With a handmade hammered band and salt and pepper diamonds set on the shoulders. Check out the blog post HERE about creating this beautiful and unique engagement ring for one lovely couple....


A twisted handmade wedding band, for a customer who wanted a vintage feel for her big day. The matte finish complements the gold perfectly in this simple yet chic piece

A bespoke birthday gift commission for one clients daughter; she chose this natural ruby from our stone selection and we set into a simple gold setting with a delicate chain. It hangs delicately just at the throat.

A unique twist on an engagement ring for a lady who loves chunky jewellery. We designed this hammered band with rose and white gold moveable bands which twist around the shank adding a fun and playful element